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Our Services

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Remote consultation also available!

Our Services

At Blessed Thistle we offer options of working with Dr. Decker locally as well as remotely by Skype or Phone consultation. Call 541-701-9570 or email BlessedThistleND@gmail.com to book, or schedule online below. 

Dr. Decker is no longer taking new patients with insurance as it limits her ability to devote time to her patients. Cash, check, credit, and Flexible Health Spending/Health Spending Accounts are accepted. Service charges for remote visits are required prior to consultation. 

​An intake visit with Dr. Decker commonly lasts 60 minutes and is a comprehensive health assessment. This will include discussion of your current symptoms or diagnosis, personal and family medical history, diet, lifestyle, social history, and review of other medical systems. If you have any recent or historic medical testing results please bring a copy of this information to your visit. There may be other diagnostic tests or imaging which we recommend, and we will work with you to determine the best way to perform this testing. Follow-up visits may last from 35 to 45 minutes with a frequency depending on your needs. This may be bi-weekly, monthly, or every 6 months. 

Dr. Decker now is offering skin care treatments with LED light therapy at a rate of $30 for a 15-minute session. LED wavelengths from 650 - 1100 nm have been studied for the purpose of wound healing in zero gravity situations, and have been shown to improve collagen formation. This may be useful for conditions of poor skin tone and tension, acne, rosacea, and scarring. The treatment is painless, and involves regional application of a warming LED tool. You can read more about studies utilizing LED treatment here.

Extended visit charges
If your case has a high level of complexity and requires time beyond the standard visit length, Dr. Decker reserves the right to schedule an additional visit to complete the intake, or if time is available at the time of service you may elect to pay Dr. Decker's standard fees for additional time.

Missed appointments or late cancellations
Missed appointments or late cancellations (less than 24h) will automatically be assessed a charge of $50 of visit fees. As visit times are reserved for your needs we must have such a policy as others with healthcare needs were not able to be seen at the time which was set aside for you.