Lab testing

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Lab testing

We may suggest specialty tests to further understand what issues may be contributing to your health concerns. Some of these may be a kit which you take home with you, and others may be ordered online directly from the testing facility. We work with Genova Diagnostics to perform our SIBO breath testing, as well as US BioTek (food sensitivity), Doctor's Data Inc (stool testing, heavy metals, others), IGeneX (Lyme, tick-borne infections), SpectraCell (cellular micronutrient and MTHFR testing), Precision Analytical, Inc (hormones, adrenal stress index), and ZRT Labs (hormones, thyroid) to perform a variety of testing to help restore overall health. Dr. Decker also offers interpretation of specialty labs such as 23andme data through MTHFRsupport ($120 additional consultation fee). If there are other specialty tests which you are interested in having performed, please contact us to coordinate this.