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About Blessed Thistle

How Blessed Thistle Came to Be

Blessed Thistle was the dream that founder and medical director Carrie Decker had in mind when she began her pursuit of her degree as a naturopathic physician in 2006.  Having grown up in Wisconsin and living the early part of her adult life in central Illinois, there were chronic conditions she experienced which were treated with allopathic medicine and never truly cured.  Upon moving to the Northwest locations of Portland, OR and Seattle, WA she had the opportunity to work with a naturopathic physician and finally found these conditions resolving without the need for pharmaceutical management.  From this experience stemmed her desire to bring naturopathic medicine to a larger population.

Blessed thistle, Cnicus benedictus, is a botanical remedy that has a long history of use. In the Middle Ages, it was used as a cure for the bubonic plague and a multitude of other conditions, and hence, the name of “benedictus” (Latin for blessed) was attributed to it. It is now used commonly in formulas as a digestive stimulant and tonic as well as for promoting milk supply in nursing mothers. We feel that naturopathic medicine carries this same blessing, as it offers many options for treating and curing disease, utilizing the blessing of nature in many of these cures.