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     Providing Naturopathic Medicine

                    to Portland, Oregon and remotely

Blessed Thistle

Providing Naturopathic Medicine to Portland and Beyond 

Blessed Thistle is dedicated to providing naturopathic medical care to individuals in the Portland region and beyond.  Dr. Decker is currently seeing patients at her office location in Portland, OR, and also does remote consultations via telephone and Skype. Dr. Decker is a naturopathic doctor, trained in primary care management.  Rather than using pharmaceutical drugs which often just suppress symptoms, Dr. Decker uses clinical nutrition, botanical medicine, homeopathy, biotherapeutic drainage, and counseling to support holistic healing.  Dr. Decker works with her patients as individuals, and personalizes treatments based on your unique needs.  Dr. Decker commonly sees patients with complaints including:

Digestive problems            Fatigue           Acne           Autoimmune disease          Insomnia

        Anxiety         Depression        ADD/ADHD         Toxicity         Thyroid disorders

Lyme disease           Autism spectrum           Eating disorder recovery          Skin conditions            

At Blessed Thistle, we offer a variety of options for working with Dr. Decker.  We currently offer in-office visits at our office location in Portland, OR.  Appointments can also be held remotely via Skype (online video) or via telephone if you are in an area which is not conducive for visiting our office locations.   

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